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Otaniemen Ympäristöseura ry
Since 1973

Laajalahti conservation area

to the nature trail

The nature trail of Laajalahti starts near the computer science building in Otaniemi (red arrow). It is a must-see if you spend some time in the Otaniemi area. Low-water gulf, wetlands and lots of birds (especially at migration times in spring and autumn!). There are viewing towers and footbridges for easy and non-intrusive transportation. There's also the historical Villa Elfvik at the northern end which has a cafe that is open on sundays.

OYS - Environmental club of Otaniemi

Otaniemen Ympäristöseura, or by it's shorter name, OYS, is the Otaniemi Environmental Club. Since its founding in 1973, OYS has been a gathering place for people interested in environment and nature.

We feel that scientists and engineers are particularly influential in many decisions involving the environment, and we try to bring more awareness of it to students. It is also good to experience the wilderness firsthand, so that appreciation of and contact with it is genuine.

Lately, the function is mostly in the form of:

  • Nature trips, closer or farther. For example, the Laajalahti nature conservation area is very near and easy to go for a walk and some bird watching, or the Saimaa lake system in eastern Finland is great for kayaking in the summer.
  • Excursions to some interesting places, like the waste water treatment plant of Suomenoja or the harbor area under construction in Vuosaari.
  • Otaniemi Recycling Center. We have operated Otaniemi Recycling Center, a place where people can leave and take usefull stuff that they or someone else no longer needs, since 2008.

OYS has also had some major projects in the past, like measuring the water quality at Laajalahti bay, which contributed to the closing of the waste water pumping facility there, or organizing student exhibitions of environment-friendly technology or nature photography.

Northern Shoveler

Please feel free to contact us (see contact info), or join our mailing list Ekoinfo to find out about future events and trips (the mails are usually in Finnish, but ask for information in English). You can also take a look at pictures from previous trips.